`the new skin technology `

- the latest advancement in non-surgical skin treatments
- face lift . body tightening . skin repair . skin rejuvenation

Reputation & Expertise

MD Cosmedical Solutions  is the pioneer and only Thermalaze Clinic in Australia, with over 2,500 treatments performed successfully and safely by cosmetic physician specialist Dr Buddy Beaini and his Cosmetic Clinic team. Thermalaze is the most significant advancement in facial and body rejuvenation technology.  Our reputable & renowned expertise results in clients visiting from interstate and abroad.

Thermalaze CPT Treatments

  • take up to ten years off your appearancewith clinically proven techniques & technology, capable of  combinational results - including non surgical face lifting,  skin tightening  & skin resurfacing  - with amazing results
  • treatments can be tailored to your individual needs
    • a clinical skin assessment  your doctor  to decide which thermalaze programme will maximize the  results you are aspiring to achieve
  • the safest non invasive skin procedurewhich involves no surgery or general anaesthetic, and has minimal downtime
  • the onlypatented technology available which is capable of penetrating the entire skin depth & therefore capable of achieving excellent face lifting, skin tightening, skin repair, anti ageing & skin rejuvenation
  • results may be either long lasting (3 to 5 years)or permanent  & only 1 to 2  treatments are required in most patients
  • the following is achieved with the thermalaze programme:
    • skin tighteningfor face lifting, brow lifts, eye hooding , neck lift, jowels, double chin, tummy tucks, arms, hands, thighs, knees & buttocks
    • skin resurfacing for melasma, pigment, milia, pores, acne scars, injury & surgical scars, sun damaged skin, deep wrinkles, lip lines, facial capillaries, rosacea, burns, keloid scars, and stretch marks - suitable for any parts of the body including face, neck, décolletage, breasts, back, tummy, legs and hands
  • thermalaze results appear immediately& continue to improve with time, with a 97% treatment success rate
  • Thermalaze Cosmetic Clinics skin treatments are available at MD Cosmedical Solutions Sydney CBD & Wahroonga

`Look & Feel 10 years younger with a Non Surgical Makeover`


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