Medical Skin Treatments

Medical Skin Treatments for Acne & Rosacea

Reputation & Expertise

MD Cosmedical Solutions has been Sydney’s leading Skin Rejuvenation Clinic successively for the last 10 years within its 5 star Sydney CBD Sheraton & Wahroonga Cosmetic Skin Clinics. Our unparalleled reputation spreads worldwide with regular clients visiting from interstate & many countries for various specialised skin treatments including rosacea, acne, pigment and capillaries.

Acne Treatments

  • acne is a common condition caused by inflammation of oil- producing sebaceous glands

  • Aesthetic Pulsed Light (APL) technology utilises a high-intensity (400nm wavelength) light that penetrates the affected skin to reach the P. Acnes bacteria. This unique spectrum of light triggers the proliferation of endogenic porphyrins, which attack and destroy the P. Acnes bacteria within the skin

  • the state-of-the-art APL technology not only destroys acne bacteria, but also repairs the acne damaged skin.

Rosacea Treatments

  • rosacea is a chronic disease that affects the face & occasionally the eyes - characterized by redness, pimples, and in advanced stages, thickened skin

  • with Aesthetic Pulsed Light (APL) technology, rosacea of all stages & severities has been treated successfully

  • patients have shown excellent improvements of their rosacea within the range of 75 – 95 %

  • APL is a simple, painless concentrated pulsed light with no downtime

MD Cosmedical Solutions Cosmetic Skin Clinics are located in Sydney CBD & Wahroonga

`Shed Light on your skin problems & feel the amazing difference`


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