Lipodissolve Mesotherapy 

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Non-surgical Fat Dissolving & Cellulite Treatment

Reputation & Expertise

MD Cosmedical Solutions is Australia’s leading Cosmetic Medical Clinic specialising in Lipodissolve Mesotherapy non-surgical liposuction alternatives within its CBD Sheraton & Wahroonga Cosmetic Medical Clinics. MD Cosmedical Solutions has successfully performed over 35,000 lipodissolve mesotherapy treatments in Sydney over the last 7 years. We take pride in our expertise, results & customer satisfaction.

Lipodissolve Mesotherapy Treatments

  • clinically proven European body sculpting techniques with excellent measurable results in over 95% of patients

  • cellulite & fat removal with microinjections of natural products (phosphatidylcholine and hyaluronidase)

  • multiple treatments deliver incremental reduction most patients lose an average of 1–3 cm per treatment

  • this non invasive liposuction alternative electively & gently targets fat cells & cellulite

  • minimal discomfort, no anesthetics, no sedation, minimal downtime

  • excellent long-term results are achieved especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle

  • compared to other forms of treatment for fat & cellulite removal, Lipodissolve Mesotherapy is a highly effective & affordable alternative

  • Sydney Lipodissolve Mesotherapy treatment clinics are located in Sydney CBD & Wahroonga

`Prepare for summer – kiss your cellulite goodbye!`


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