Hair Restoration

Hair Doctor Rx Hair regrowth Programme for Hair Loss

Reputation & Expertise

MD Cosmedical Solutions is Australia’s leading Cosmetic Clinic, specialising in Hair Loss Treatments in our Sydney CBD & Wahroonga Hair Clinics. Our Hair Doctor Rx Hair Regrowth Programme has gained exceptional interest and demand due to the benefits gained in hair restoration. We take pride in our expertise, results & customer satisfaction.

Hair Restoration Treatments

  • Hair Doctor Rx re-growth therapy in which different modalities of hair re-growth are stably combined to work synergistically to reduce hair loss, improve hair re-growth, and improve the condition of the scalp & new hair shafts
  • Hair Doctor Rx promotes healthy hair growth by:
    • inhibiting DHT (Dihydrotestostrone) production
    • blocking the androgen receptors
    • activating hair follicle growth
    • improving scalp condition and enhance hair vitality
  • Hair Doctor RX Treatment Programme includes the following treatments for different severities of hair loss:
    • hair loss treatment solution
  • hair loss shampoo
  • hair loss conditioner
  • home hair loss laser
  • clinic hair loss laser
  • clinical testing demonstrated Hair Doctor Rx regrew hair in 95% of men & women after 4 months - results begin after two 2 months treatment in most individuals
  • MD Cosmedical Solutions Hair Loss Clinics are located in Sydney CBD & Wahroonga


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